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COVID-19 Resources and Opportunities to Help

April 22, 2020
Posted by: JCRC Staff

Many people have reached out to us with questions about where to find critical resources from local governments related to the COVID-19 outbreak and shelter-in-place restrictions. We have also heard from many who are seeking opportunities to help donate time and resources to fight the spread of the disease and help protect the vulnerable from the economic fallout. To assist, we’ve put together this collection of links.


Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund Resource Guide

CNN Resource Search Engine

Government Resource Websites

Seven bay area counties, the State of California, and the City of Berkeley each have a one stop website that contains important information related to COVID-19, including services for vulnerable populations, funding for non-profits and small businesses, eviction moratoriums, shelter in place orders and other updates.

School Resources

Many California public schools are closed through the end of this academic year. Most school districts continue to provide nutritional services for students. Check with your local district for times and pick up locations. If you need contact information, visit the CDE State Schools Directory to search your district.

Opportunities to Help

These organizations and institutions need support or are providing links to helping opportunities:

State Level

Bay Area / Multiregion

East Bay

North Bay


San Francisco

Links to suggest? Email them to


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