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JCRC 2016 Legislative Agenda

October 13, 2016
Posted by: Jeremy Russell, Communications Manager

This California legislative cycle the San Francisco-based Jewish Community Relations Council is supporting a pro-housing, pro-services agenda for San Francisco and a proposition that bolsters gun violence prevention laws in the State of California. The San Francisco propositions that JCRC will be supporting are Prop I and Prop C. The California proposition is Prop 63. In its role as the public affairs arm of the Bay Area organized Jewish community, JCRC strives to promote Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) and Tzedek, Tzedek Tirdorf (the obligation to actively pursue justice) and our Public Policy Committee put forward these bills as being in line with those values.

San Francisco Proposition C

Prop C amends the San Francisco city charter to increase requirements for affordable housing on developments with 25 or more units. The new rules would require developers to sell or rent at least 25 percent of units in new projects at below-market prices. The measure was placed on the ballot with the unanimous support from all 11 supervisors, as well as from Mayor Ed Lee. JCRC’s Economic Justice statement argues “the government should provide funding and create policies for ensuring affordable housing” and we believe this proposition is a powerful step in the right direction. The legislation would put San Francisco at the forefront of the nation and, if the requirements should prove unfeasible, gives the Board of Supervisors authority to make alterations through ordinances.

San Francisco Proposition I

Prop I will create a Dignity Fund in the San Francisco budget. The purpose of the fund will be to stabilize services and support for seniors, veterans, adults with disabilities and adults living with chronic and life-threatening health conditions and grow with the City’s discretionary revenues. This is needed because funding levels for many services for seniors and adults with disabilities have not kept pace with the increases in these populations, and at the same time, growing income inequality compounds the need. A full 24 percent of San Franciscans are people with disabilities or aged 60 and over, and that number is said to be growing. In its Economic Justice Consensus Policy Statement, JCRC outlines ways in which the Bay Area organized Jewish community supports and affirms “the value and dignity of every human life and the right of each person to pursue economic self‐sufficiency,” this includes the elderly and infirm who are so often on fixed income and require services.

Important to note, Prop I has also received endorsement from Jewish Family and Children’s Services.

California Proposition 63

Prop 63 would ban possession of high-capacity ammunition magazines, require background checks for ammo purchasers, provide a process for taking guns from felons and make possession of an illegal gun a felony. JCRC has long supported increasing gun safety standards and this is a measure we previously shared information about as part of our 18 Days Against Gun Violence campaign following the tragedy in Orlando. This gun-control ballot initiative is the brainchild of Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsome and is intended to close loopholes in California’s already-robust gun control laws. The San Francisco Chronicle described its restrictions as “sensible, practical, respectful of the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Californians, and in the interest of public safety.”

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PHOTO by Tom Arthur (2008) via Wikimedia Commons.