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Point of View

June 20, 2018
Posted by: Elle Segal, Public Affairs and Civic Engagement Manager, San Francisco

San Francisco has a fresh link with its Israeli sister city, Haifa. A new, incredible Point Of View art installation was opened to the public on May 31. The two cities already had a lot in common. Both are coastal cities with diverse populations, delicious food, innovative companies and rich histories. Also, like SF, Haifa sees itself as bastion of peace and freedom. It is, as The Forward referred to it, the “Israeli City that Refuses to Hate.

The idea for a collaboration between Haifa and San Francisco came nearly ten years ago from former Israeli Deputy Consul Gideon Lustig. Lustig began recruiting members for a Sister City Committee, including both San Francisco and Haifa-based community members. Fast forward to 2018 and the idea of advancing the relationship between San Francisco and Haifa has taken shape through this technologically advanced and modern sculpture.

San Francisco Mayor Mark Farrell joined officials from Haifa and the Consulate General of Israel to the Pacific Northwest in San Francisco, as well as JCRC and other Jewish community representatives, to unveil this incredible, modern feat of art and innovation. Designed jointly by a San Francisco and Israeli artist (Matthew Passmore, of the Bay Area-based Morelab, and experience designer Saron Paz, from Tel Aviv), the Point Of View instillation includes live video feed from Haifa. There is an identical art installation in Haifa that has a live feed of video from San Francisco.

“San Francisco and Haifa are now connected by this remarkable work of art that allows visitors to travel through space and experience the views for which each city is known,” Mayor Farrell told KQED news.

Walking along the Embarcadero there are so many interesting sights and views, but this installation is truly unique. It blends art and technology—two things that both San Francisco and Israel are well known for—in a way I’ve never seen before. 

The installation is located at Pier 27 and is certainly worth visiting on your next trip!