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U.S. Opts Out of Iran Deal

May 9, 2018
Posted by: JCRC Staff

The U.S. has removed itself unilaterally from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), a.k.a. The Iran Deal. Some observers believe that the deal was fueling an aggressive regional policy by Iran that was significantly increasing the risk of war, others fear that pulling out of the deal will remove important checks on Iran's nuclear program and increase the risk of war. JCRC has a consensus position against a nuclear Iran and we are giving careful consideration to the many thoughtful analyses that present a range of opinions reflective of our community’s views. We strongly encourage community members to similarly explore ideas and search for solutions, as well as to express their views. Whether one supported or opposed U.S. involvement in the deal, concerns about Iran are real and legitimate, and there are no easy solutions.


May 10 - Iranian forces fired 20 rockets at Israel Defense Forces positions in the Golan Heights on Wednesday night, prompting extensive Israeli retaliation against Iranian military and logistics targets in Syria ... more

May 11 - Anti-American protests erupted in Iran and the Iranian government vowed to restart its nuclear program if the deal collapses ... more

May 15 - In the wake of U.S. withdrawal, European leaders have begun discussions about how to keep Iran from restarting its nuclear program ... more

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