Jewish Community Relations Councilof San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin, Sonoma, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties


Video Gallery

Video Gallery

  • Grappling with Intersectionality: A Webinar for CRC and Federation Professionals

  • JCRC Behind the Scenes 2016

  • JCRC Lifetime Acheivement Award: Bob Friend and Donny Friend

  • JCRC Civic Leadership Award: Michael G. Pappas

  • JCRC Courageous Leadership Award: Informed Grads

  • Diversity in the Jewish Community, KPIX Mosiac TV

  • Hiring Our Heroes Opening Remarks

  • ELItalks Ilana Kaufman: The Uncomfortable Truth

  • JCRC Behind the Scenes 2015

  • JCRC Headlines 2014

  • JCRC Jewish-Civic Leadership Award: Cissie Swig

  • JCRC Courageous Leadership Award: Marc Dollinger, Ph.D.

  • JCRC Courageous Leadership Award: The Reverend Dr. Paul Watermulder

  • JCRC Behind the Scenes 2014

  • JCRC: Celebrating Civility

  • JCRC Honors Yitzhak Santis

  • JCRC Honors Nancy and Larry Goldberg

  • JCRC Honors Al Baum

  • Dr. Eran Kaplan: The West Bank: Land, Authority, and People, Part 1

  • JCRC Honors Reverend Cecil Williams

  • JCRC Celebration Honoring Rabbi Doug Kahn's 30th Anniversary

  • Dr. Eran Kaplan: The West Bank: Land, Authority, and People, Part 2

  • JCRC Jewish-Civic Leadership Award: Douglas E. Goldman, M.D.

  • JCRC Courageous Leadership Award: SF City Attorney Dennis Herrera & Chief Deputy Terry Stewart