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Democracy Initiative

The American Jewish community has benefited from a strong and healthy democracy because democratic systems and norms provide proven protection against the discriminations that too often target racial, religious and ethnic minority communities. But those systems that have provided us haven are currently under duress.

These challenges have been thrown into sharp relief by current events but they are not new. There is ample evidence that our democracy has been deteriorating for years. That's why JCRC launched its a non-partisan democracy initiative in 2017. Since launch we've hosted a full-day forum on democracy, several voter registration drives and many other non-partisan, pro-democracy events (see full listing and video archive of past events).

Our political system – like many liberal democracies around the world – is experiencing a turbulent moment. With the country divided, a President lashing out at checks and balances, a Congress abdicating its basic legislative and oversight responsibilities, and a government failing to address the country’s pressing public policy challenges, it is all too easy to despair. And yet, America has gone through worse and emerged stronger for it. Our country’s political course can change quickly. We expect it will do so again.

–Protect Democracy, Roadmap for Renewal

Current Advocacy

There are no active campaigns at this time.

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