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Current Campaigns

Gun Violence Prevention: The death toll of Americans is mounting. In the U.S. this year, the number of mass shootings has so far exceeded the number of days. Please take one minute to let your United States Senator know that they must act NOW, and support the Bipartisan Background Checks Act (HR 8).

End the Detention-Center Crisis: Thousands of children remain separated from their families and incarcerated at the border beyond the 72-hour court-mandated limit. At least seven are known to have died in custody since last year. Credible reports describe inadequate food, lack of sanitation, severe overcrowding, illness and sexual abuse​. Join us in calling on Congress to address this travesty.


"As has become increasingly clear, our republic has long relied not just on formal laws and the Constitution, but also on unwritten rules and norms that constrain the behavior of public officials. These guardrails, often invisible, curb abuses of power. They ensure that officials act for the public good, not for personal financial gain. They protect nonpartisan public servants in law enforcement and elsewhere from improper political influence. They protect businesspeople from corrupting favoritism and graft. And they protect citizens from arbitrary and unfair government action. These practices have long held the allegiance of public officials from all political parties. Without them, government becomes a chaotic grab for power and self-interest." --Brennan Center for Justice, Proposals for Reform: National Task Force on Rule of Law & Democracy