Jewish Community Relations Councilof San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin, Sonoma, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties


Help Us Take Action Against Gun Violence

Following the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, we cannot stay silent.

In Hebrew the number 18 spells the word Chai, which means “Living” or “Life.” Judaism's huge emphasis on the importance of life has made this numerological calculation part of a larger cultural tradition and the number 18 has taken on significant meaning in the Jewish community. For the next 18 days we will be taking action against gun violence, starting today!

Day 1. Contact your Congressional Representatives and tell them Gun Violence is a Jewish Issue!

Day 2. Today, We Say Thank You to the Members of Congress Who Have Acted Against Gun Violence.

Day 3. "So Much Hate, So Much Fear, So Many Guns,” thoughts by IIlana Kaufman, JCRC PACE Director, East Bay.

Day 4. Tell Governor Brown you support funding for firearm violence research in California.

Day 5. Today, please read "Home Should Not Be a War Zone" by Gen. Stanley McChrystal.

Day 6. We call on everyone to sign Equality California's ‪#‎SafeandEqual‬ pledge to support commonsense gun safety legislation.

Day 7. Please RSVP to participate tomorrow in the "National Day of Action: Family Sit-In to Disarm Hate" at the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center.

Day 8. If you cannot attend the family sit-in today at 1pm, please join the AT-HOME SIT-IN organized by Rabbis Against Gun Violence!

Day 9. California has some of the strongest gun laws in the country, but not everybody knows what they are. Today, we share a comprehensive resource from the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence clarifying our state laws.

Day 10. Today, please read "Disarmed and Dangerous," the startling ‪Mercury News expose about hundreds of missing police guns in the Bay Area, and then catch up on the previous days’ actions. We resume on Monday!

Day 11. Choose one of Everytown for Gun Safety’s “7 Actions You Can Take to Prevent Gun Violence after the Orlando Shooting.”

Day 12. We invite you to learn about the upcoming California gun-control ballot initiative that will be voted on in November. Sign up at

Day 13. “#SafeAndEqual: Orlando Massacre Enabled America to ‘Get’ Intersectionality” thoughts by Joe Goldman, JCRC PACE Manager, San Francisco

Day 14. The ASK (Asking Saves Kids) Campaign promotes a simple idea with the potential to help keep kids safe. ASK, “Is there an unlocked gun in your house?” before sending your child over to play. Please pledge.

Day 15. Today we ask you to donate blood; it’s a simple way to help prevent gun deaths.

Day 16. We share a reflection from the The Huffington Post's blog on ‘Black Lives and Gun Violence’ -- although published before the events of the past week it seems even more pertinent today.

Day 17. Today we are highlighting five local, community-based programs working to prevent violence instead of waiting until after victimization has occurred.

Day 18. On the last day of our campaign we call simply for a moment of silence to remember the 875 people who have been killed by guns in the U.S. these past 18 days.

One of our community's core values is B’Tselem Elohim -- the belief that all people are created in God’s image and accordingly each person’s life is of infinite value -- and this principle guided our community to create a consensus on "effective methods for reducing firearms violence." L’chaim! ... To life!