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Institute for Curriculum Services (ICS)

Institue for Curriculum Services

The National Resource Center for Accurate Jewish Content in Schools

The Institute for Curriculum Services (ICS), a JCRC strategic initiative, is a national initiative that works with publishers, education officials and educators to strategically address historical inaccuracies about Jews, Judaism and Israel in K-12 social studies textbooks and classrooms. ICS’s work affects millions of public and private school students, ensuring that educational materials are factual and unbiased.

Educators throughout the United States use ICS curricular resources in their classrooms and major publishers know that ICS is an organization they can trust.

“Finally, educators worldwide have at their fingertips objective, fair and unbiased lessons on Jewish history, Judaism and Israel“

– Michael, 9th grade Global History teacher, New York

Click here for ICS’s website to find out more, receive educational resources and donate to ICS’s important work.