Jewish Community Relations Councilof San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin, Sonoma, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties



Vision Statement
JCRC envisions a more just society, a strong and vibrant Jewish community in the United States and in Israel, and seeks to enhance that strength through collaboration with other communities.

Mission Statement
JCRC's mission is to educate and advocate on issues of vital importance to the organized Jewish community based on consensus, civility and an expanded commitment to living Jewish values of social justice.

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Core Values

These core values are the foundation of JCRC's mission and vision, informing our work in pursuit of a just society and secure Jewish future.

  • Tikkun Olam

    Repair of the World

    Making the world a better place by helping all who need assistance.

  • Darchei Shalom

    Paths of Peace

    Keeping peace with our neighbors by building strong relationships, promoting mutual respect and fostering understanding.

  • B’Tselem Elokim

    All Created in God's Image

    Assuring that equal opportunity exists for individuals irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity, political affiliation, gender identity, sexual orientation, or physical or mental disability.

  • Kol Yisrael Arevim Zeh La Zeh

    All in the House of Israel are Responsible for One Another

    Mobilizing the community whenever Jews anywhere are in need of support and standing by a secure and vibrant Israel by promoting a strong America/Israel relationship based on the recognition of the State of Israel as the pluralistic, democratic, historical, cultural, religious, and national homeland of the Jewish people.

  • Lo Ta'amod Al Dam Rey'echa

    Do Not Stand Idly By

    Demonstrating a commitment to activism and amplifying the Jewish community’s voice on critical issues in the public sphere.

  • Im Ayn Ani Li, Mi Li? Uch She'ani Le'atzmi Mah Ani? Ve Im Lo Achshav, AyMatai?

    If I am Not For Myself, Who Will Be For Me? If I am Only For Myself, What Am I? And If Not Now, When?

    Advocating for Jewish community interests while collaborating with other faith, ethnic and emerging communities who share our mission, vision and goals.

  • Democratic and Pluralistic Vigilance

    Protecting our democratic freedoms and celebrating diversity by helping create and maintain a welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds to freely express their culture, religion and beliefs.

  • Building Consensus and Speaking with a Collective and Civil Voice

    Finding common ground among those with a broad range of religious affiliation, opinions, and ideology by facilitating constructive dialogue through common understanding and civility, and demonstrating leadership when vital interests are at stake.