For Immediate Release
January 9, 2024

JCRC Bay Area is appreciative of the members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors who listened to the Jewish community and worked to develop a modified resolution that reflects our deep anguish following the heinous October 7 terrorist attacks by Hamas. President Peskin’s revised resolution that was ultimately adopted included the denunciation of Hamas and the need to remove this terrorist organization from power. We also appreciate that inflammatory condemnations of Israel were removed from the original resolution introduced by Supervisor Dean Preston.

We also commend Supervisors Mandelman, Stefani, and Dorsey, who voted ‘no’ on this resolution, recognizing these municipal votes have no foreign policy impact.

However, these changes do not take away from the pain this process has spawned for the Jewish community and others who have been traumatized by the Israel-Hamas War. Both yesterday and today in City Hall, some made vitriolic statements calling for the violent destruction of Israel and denied the atrocities of Hamas, including mass sexual violence.

We hope other major cities will learn the painful lessons our city has endured—this division is unnecessary and avoidable.

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