Jewish Community Relations Councilof San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin, Sonoma, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties


What We Do

JCRC mobilizes the Jewish community on critical issues and amplifies its voice in the public sphere. We foster meaningful relationships among diverse ethnic, racial, religious and interest groups, building coalitions based on mutual concerns. JCRC is a trusted resource for our community and political and faith-based partners, providing nuanced consultations on sensitive community and government relations matters.

We work tirelessly behind the scenes and on the frontlines to ensure that the organized Jewish community’s interests are addressed. Our positions are formed based on consensus and civility, creating a broad tent for our community’s diversity.

Creating a JCRC Consensus Statement

JCRC consensus statements directly guide our advocacy efforts. These statements are the result of extensive deliberation among divergent views in our community, as we seek to represent the consensus of the organized Jewish community.


Visit our Consensus Statements page to view all of our statements