For Immediate Release
November 27, 2023

At tonight’s Oakland City Council meeting, a resolution passed in support of an immediate ceasefire that failed to mention the atrocities of Hamas, including rape, torture, and mass murder of Jews, Bedouins, Thai, and Filipino farm workers, and many more.

As disturbing, was the complete inability of council members to reign in several hours antisemitic rhetoric, including shouts of “white Hitler,” saying “antisemitism isn’t real,” and denying that the Oct. 7 attacks occurred.

“Tonight’s meeting was a complete disgrace and will bring nothing constructive to actual Palestinians and Israelis on the ground. What it instead has achieved is the fanning of flames of antisemitism in Oakland,” CEO Tye Gregory said.

JCRC would like to thank Council Members Dan Kalb and Treva Reid for having the courage to condemn terrorism.