For Immediate Release
October 26, 2023

After receiving more than 800 letters, San Francisco’s Democratic County Central Committee (SF DCCC) withdrew a resolution yesterday that, among other things, called “for Israel to cease it’s [sic] raids and massacres of refugee camps in the West Bank” and to end “the military occupation, apartheid system, and illegal settlement program.“

Written in response to the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza , the text not only questioned the Jewish people’s claim to Israel as their indigenous homeland, but blamed the victims for the October 7 attack, in which 1,400 people—including infants, children, and the elderly—were either executed or kidnapped.

“The DCCC’s inflammatory resolution, which thankfully was not brought forward yesterday, was deeply offensive,” said Tye Gregory, JCRC Bay Area CEO. “Any call for ceasefire without recognizing the genocidal intent of Hamas or offering solutions that will actually keep Israelis safe is impotent and illegitimate by design.”

JCRC is deeply troubled by much of the rhetoric during public comment, which frequently veered into overt antisemitism and defamation of JCRC Bay Area and our partner Jewish institutions. At a time of rising antisemitism in America, we call on Chair Honey Mahogany and the other members of the SF DCCC to make clear that hatred will not be tolerated at their meetings.

It is expected that a new resolution on the conflict will be introduced in committee. JCRC urges the SF DCCC to work with the Jewish community at this time of great pain and turmoil to ensure the process is fully inclusive.

JCRC Bay Area is the largest collective voice of Bay Area Jews, working in pursuit of a more just world where Jewish identity is embraced and all people thrive. By building bridges and working in coalition with diverse ethnic, faith, political, and civic communities, we foster partnerships, provide meaningful educational and engagement opportunities, and build consensus for actionable solutions to real-world challenges.