San Francisco City Hall lit in blue and white solidarity at the direction of Mayor London Breed

We are providing resources and guidance for schools and businesses to address the needs of the Jewish community at this time.

Action Alerts

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Upcoming Events

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Educational Resources

Guidance for Schools Regarding Student Walkouts About Israel-Hamas War
JCRC Guidance for Jewish Parents Organizing
Talking to Children About Violence in Israel
How to Talk to Children About Israel Today (video)
Support for Classroom Discussion on the Hamas-Israel War

Higher Education
Sample University Community Letter

Business Resources

How to support your Jewish employees

General Resources

What is the Global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement?
Digital Advocacy Conduct and Safety
Guidance for Public Comments
JCRC Israel Seminars: Myths & Facts
Why a Ceasefire and Peace are not the Same Thing
JCRC Guide to Recognizing Problematic Rhetoric
Hamas Backgrounder

JCRC Community Guidance

Israel at War: The Power of National Unity – Nov 16
Israel at War: Harvey Milk and Liberation – Nov 3
Israel at War: A Contrast of Values – Oct 27
Israel at War: Sunday Rally and Rhetoric Guide – Oct 25
Israel at War: Community Guidance for the Days Ahead – Oct 15
Our Outrage at Moral Equivalence – Oct 13
War in Israel Update: Resources and Rallies – Oct 11
Israel at War: Bay Area United with Israel – Oct 9

JCRC Statements

JCRC Condemns Biased and Inflammatory Richmond City Council Resolution Passed Amid Chaos
JCRC Bay Area Joins Over 120 Jewish Groups Rejecting Islamophobia and Anti-Arab Hate
Amid Shock and Horror, Our Unwavering Support for Israel

Support Israel

Donate to the emergency campaign of the Jewish Community Federation & Endowment Fund.

Bring Them Home

Nearly 200 innocent civilians were abducted from Israel by Hamas and taken into the Gaza. Their whereabouts remain unknown: Bring Them Home Now.

Share Hostages’ Stories

Share Credible Sources

In this political climate, and with fast moving updates, it is critical to be sensitive to the credibility of news sources. Follow reputable news sources and check your sources before reposting information. We recommend the Times of Israel Live Blog for for up-to-the-minute news.

Here is a list of social media accounts of credible, English-speaking journalists:

Report Antisemitism

Community members are advised to utilize the ADL’s incident report form if they witness or experience antisemitism.


For those in our community who are struggling emotionally during these painful times, we are here to offer expert counseling and support. If you or someone you care about needs assistance, please call JFCS’ Bay Area Critical Helpline at 415-449-3700.


Spiritual Resources For This Painful Time: Israel
JFCS Resources for Parents

Support JCRC’s crisis response

JCRC Bay Area is the largest collective voice of the Jewish community across the Bay Area. Help us address the twin crises of spiking antisemitism and strengthening support for and solidarity with Israel. Now is the time for Jews and allies across the Bay Area to come together in solidarity and in support of Israel’s safety. We need your support now!