San Francisco City Hall lit in blue and white solidarity at the direction of Mayor London Breed

Now is the time for Jews and allies across the Bay Area to come together in solidarity and in support of Israel’s safety.

JCRC in Action

JCRC Bay Area unequivocally condemns the Hamas terror campaign and is unwavering in support for Israel’s right to defend its citizens. We are contacting elected officials at the local, state, and federal level to brief them on latest developments. We have seen an outpouring of support from leaders across the Bay Area, including Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi, San Francisco Mayor London Breed, Jewish Caucus Co-chair Senator Scott Wiener, and dozens more. We encourage the community to thank our leaders for their support, and amplify their messaging.

JCRC is also engaging with Jewish community organizations across the Bay Area to brief the community and recruit elected officials to communal gatherings, vigils, and rallies, including the Bay Area Jewish Community Gathering at Sherith Israel. By bringing together Jewish community organizations to work in collaboration with one another, we help assure a coordinated communal effort.

Our team is also reaching out to school districts across the Bay Area to offer resources to teachers and administrators guidance on how to discuss these difficult issues, and how to watch out for antisemitism on campus. And we are keeping the local media informed, providing interviews, connecting them with key community leaders, and coordinating press opportunities.

Next, we will be launching a social media campaign and activating our networks to advocate for robust local and national support for Israel. Members of the community are encouraged to sign up for our email list and follow our social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

What Comes Next?

Given the mass mobilization of Israeli military reservists and recent statements by defense officials, a prolonged military operation against Hamas is increasingly likely, including a lengthy ground operation. Due to the brutal, intentional massacre of hundreds of innocent Israeli citizens, including infants, children, and the elderly, and the ongoing hostage situation, Israel will be forced to make difficult choices to end the ongoing assault, destroy Hamas’ capabilities, and protect its people for the foreseeable future from attacks by Hamas.

The effects of the conflict are already being felt locally. Many of us are anxiously checking on family and friends back in Israel, and some have received the devastating news that loved ones were killed or taken hostage by Hamas. Many have loved ones in military service, soon to be headed into war. In response to the unprecedented attacks, solidarity gatherings are being organized across the Bay Area to stand with everyone in Israel.

If history is any guide, bad actors will soon use this war to spread disinformation and hate, target Jews in public spaces, and sow antisemitism. These events are happening at a time of unprecedented antisemitism in this country, and in California. JCRC’s recent Survey of Bay Area Jewish Identity found that one third of Jewish respondents had personally experienced or directly witnessed antisemitism in the past three years. An even higher number – 40 percent – have experienced discrimination or hate related to Israel.

In this political climate, and with fast moving updates, it is critical to be sensitive to the credibility of news sources. Follow reputable news sources and check your sources before reposting information.

We recommend the Times of Israel Live Blog for for up-to-the-minute news.

Here is a list of social media accounts of credible, English-speaking journalists:

Support Israel

To support victims, help rebuild damaged infrastructure, and address the unprecedented levels of trauma caused by this horrific attack, we direct the community to support the emergency campaign of the Jewish Community Federation & Endowment Fund.


Updated Oct. 9, 2023